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  Shanghai Jie Xin Industrial Co., Ltd. is Italy ELCA in mainland China as the sole partner, provides the help for the promotion of ELCA industrial wireless remote control system in China. ELCA in 1991 after the transformation of the establishment of Radicomandi ELCA, the development and production of industrial radio remote control technology. Because have technical expertise in the years of military communication through 20 years of continuous development and perfect the Elca Radicomandi relying on outstanding safety performance and function of the unique design, the company undisputed was among the ranks of leading industry in the field of wireless remote control, products are exported to more than 70 countries and regions worldwide.

  In order to better serve the global customer Radicomandi ELCA with the development of business has been in the United States, France, Spain, Switzerland, Russia, Germany, Korea and other places set up a professional service agencies. With the Chinese mainland market, customers will continue to increase in 2009 in Shanghai office was set up, the purpose is for Chinese customers to provide timely reliable solutions and strong technical support, which is a global network of the 36 marketing services agency.

  ELCA will be your trusted partner!

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