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Customer service and commitment

The first installation and commissioning
1, under the conditions of the contract or the agreed terms and conditions, the seller sent technical personnel to the scene to guide the buyer to install, debug the use of equipment.
2, the buyer shall provide the following installation conditions:
1). Determine the construction site, according to the technical requirements provided by the seller to do a good job in the installation of equipment.
2). Provide the working power supply and grounding wire for the normal operation of the product.
3). With the necessary personnel, hoisting equipment, auxiliary machinery and tools.
4). Provide the seller to install technical staff and lodging.
3, the buyer does not have the installation conditions and forced the installation of technical personnel, the seller to be written instructions are still required to install, the buyer must sign in the written approval, the seller will not bear the responsibility of the resulting.

Second warranty period and free service
1, the seller provided by the equipment for a year, the warranty period from the date of acceptance. After the equipment installation and commissioning, due to the buyer's reason and can not be accepted, the warranty period from the date of acceptance of tenth days from the date of acceptance.
2, the warranty period, in addition to irresistible and man-made factors, due to the design, process and manufacture of equipment damage, the seller is responsible for free repair.
3, the buyer must be strictly in accordance with the provisions of the seller and the use and maintenance of random documents. Due to improper operation of the buyer or maintenance, maintenance, refueling and other equipment damage, the seller is not responsible for the warranty. The Seller shall be responsible for the repair, and all the expenses shall be for the buyer.
4, the seller free of charge for the buyer training operation and maintenance personnel, free to provide technical advisory services to the buyer.
5, the seller of its equipment for life service, more than the warranty period, the seller will be part of the paid service.
6, the buyer has the service request, the seller receives the notification, 48 hours to arrive at the scene, to solve the problem.

Third parts supply

1, the seller provides equipment maintenance parts guarantee is the original, authentic, authentic accessory. My company in the country with adequate spare parts warehouse, with many experienced mechanical and electrical engineers.
2, the buyer to buy non seller to provide spare parts, spare parts, the seller does not provide free services.
3, equipment, such as wearing parts, the non seller equipment problems caused by abnormal damage, is a normal loss, replacement costs should be responsible for the buyer.

Fourth other provisions

1, the perfect user file, to the buyer the equipment for long-term tracking, regular visits to the user, for the user to exclude the difficulty and anxiety.
2, for foreign construction or major projects of the buyer, the establishment of special service content and full-time service personnel, to meet the special needs of the buyer, the specific cost by the parties to negotiate.
3, the buyer to the seller after sales service staff for service quality or unreasonable charges have opinions, can be directly to the seller of the service department of complaints, complaints Tel: 021-61994779
4, service hotline: 021-61994779

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