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Technical features
1, unique TDF card technology effectively solves the customer service and prepare the machine if remote control transmitter failure as long as the same type transmitter for the original card namely but yo also, the receiver has to the same function.

2, remote control with multi channel function, if there is interference, through the use of the frequency change.

3, remote control with the initiative to stop and the emergency stop and a passive emergency double control, to ensure the operation safety.

4, power on self test circuit before each starting, automatic detection of all relays and switches are normal, any abnormal can not start the system.

5, the use of digital encoding and fast GFSK technology, effectively prevent the radio interference.

6, the wireless channel to maintain real-time communications, any reason causing the channel interrupt 0.5 seconds (can be set up according to the requirements), the receiver automatically cut off all the output, to stop all mechanical action.

7, system monitoring circuit on the system running state and power supply power supply real-time monitoring, when power or system abnormalities, immediately shut down to accept the system, to stop all mechanical action.

8, the receiver uses a pair of emergency stop relay and CPU lock mechanism, any CPU appear abnormal, the other CPU immediately start the safety protection circuit, shut down all the output, stop all mechanical action.


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